I’m Baaack!!

Oh my gosh long time no see! (See? Talk? Idk) I took a bit of a hiatus from blogging because it was starting to stress me out, but now that school is calming down and almost over, I want to post again. I’m excited– I missed blogging! I have a few posts planned out, but … More I’m Baaack!!

A Key Concept For Humanity | A Shakespearean Sonnet

A Key Concept For Humanity May I display a key concept for all Humanity to note? The world needs to Observe itself a little better. Doll, You pay too much attention to see-through Material that will hardly matter. All gold and mirr’rs will fade eventu’ly. These entities only stir up chatter; Attempting happiness unsuccessf’ly. Surround … More A Key Concept For Humanity | A Shakespearean Sonnet

I’m Thankful For…

1. My blog;) 2. Tea and hot chocolate 3. Christmas/winter/fall candles 4. My best friends 5. Snow 6. Fuzzy socks and mittens 7. Christmas music 8. Cranberry sauce 9. Family 10. The Detroit Thanksgiving Day Parade and taking the bus downtown 11. College acceptance letters 12. My puppies and birdie 13. Warm boots 14. My … More I’m Thankful For…

Days In Detroit

This week I went down to Detroit on three different days. I’m pretty sure that’s a new record for me. But I love the city, so I don’t mind at all(: Wednesday On Wednesday, my AP Literature teacher arranged for our class to go see the Marriage of Figaro at the Detroit Opera House. My … More Days In Detroit