day in the life of a college freshman

wednesday, november 28, 2018


woke up. tired. didn’t want to get out of bed. almost didn’t.


world of media class. we talked about advertising. found sofiya on the way there. we walked together.


walked back to dorm with sofiya. put work out clothes on. did my laundry, then went to the cardio room to use the elliptical. put clothes in dryer. went to the dining hall to eat breakfast: french toast sticks, scrambled eggs and peaches. showered and got dressed. i put my hair in space buns today and put on purple eyeliner, like a true alien. i almost never put on make up and do my hair anymore. made my bed and picked clothes up off the floor. folded laundry and listened to music. danced around my room.


worked on survey extra credit for my world of media class. accidentally signed up for one i can’t do. won’t let me cancel it. oops. the last one was long because i had to watch a tv show but it was interesting. it was about aliens (omg a theme).


wrote some of blog post. crossed things off on my to-do list. i think i’m gonna try to write one out everyday because it helps me remember to do even tiny tasks. i have to leave for class in less than seven minutes. don’t want to go. i should make a pb sandwich to eat in between classes. walked to class in the snowy cold. didn’t slip on the icy sidewalks msu refuses to salt or plow.


spanish class. i never understand what he’s saying…


waited for writing class in study lounge. wrote some more of blog post. didn’t know what else to do. read a little harry potter. napped.


writing class. turned in my last essay for the class! i wrote it yesterday even though the rough draft was due on monday… lucky me no editing needed apparently though. i liked this one the most because it was only two pages and it was hardly an essay; i wrote an instruction manual. so it was just bullet points.


walked to dining hall. had a bowl of soup. very exciting. still hungry; should i eat more now or after yoga? decided to go to the building where yoga is and eat there beforehand. had vegan banana oatmeal pancakes. first time having vegan pancakes. soooooo good.


yoga. i’m really out of practice. my balance was so off. he tried to make us balance on just one hand and foot (two-legged dog) and that was not working out well.


walked back to my dorm in the freezing cold wind to drop off my yoga mat and then go get a snack from the union (arizona tea, lucky charms, nutty buddy). saw friends from high school.


showered. ate lucky charms and planned out tomorrow. tomorrow i have my math recitation and then me and my friend are going to see how long it takes us to walk from the building where our media exam will be to the building where our math exam will be. because we only have 15 minutes in between them!! ate nutty buddy and wrote some more of this in my bed under a (new) fuzzy blanket. read more harry potter.


super tired. time for bed.

xo maddie





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