55 things about college

hi!!! here i am once again writing a blog post super late at night. its 12:47 and (also) once again, i dont feel like going to bed yet. but also, my roommate and her friends are at their friends’ dorm right now and i know when they come back theyre just gonna wake me up again so im just gonna try to stay awake for a little while longer.

so today is the early hours of october 20. been in school at michigan state for almost 2 months now. pretty cool pretty cool. so whats college like? huh?


  1. its eating too much junk food
  2. its biking at least 4 miles a day
  3. its not leaving your dorm all day (like i did today)
  4. its having advisors that dont listen to you and tell you that youll be fine in a class you know you wont be (still have no idea what my spanish prof ever says. or how to answer him if he calls on me. thank goodness he doesnt)
  5. its seeing my best friends everyday
  6. its missing my friends from home
  7. its missing my puppies
  8. its hating climbing into bed cuz the ladder hurts your feet
  9. its spending too much on sweet potato fries w honey (seriously the best thing ive ever eaten)
  10. its not knowing how to use the bus system
  11. its getting excited when you only have one class
  12. its biking in the rain
  13. its eating nachos and veggie burgers and cereal and sandwiches and fruit and beets and nutty buddies and granola bars
  14. its having weird smelling clothes after you take them out of the dryer
  15. its that weird disoriented feeling you get when you (literally) run into people from high school and them frowning when they recognize you (@braxton)
  16. its trying new things
  17. its making (just a few) new friends
  18. its not knowing how to make friends
  19. its realizing im not really a stay-up-late-kinda person (apparently 1am isnt late)
  20. but i also love sleep so im not really a morning person either
  21. its going to yoga classes
  22. its decorating your new room all nice
  23. its getting good grades on papers youre kinda proud of and on exams that were much easier than you thought theyd be
  24. its the opportunity to be a new person
  25. but also the chance to not change too much
  26. its eating by yourself
  27. and with your best friend when its dark at night
  28. its biking home from class together
  29. its having more free time than in high school
  30. its realizing that maybe those naps you took in high school werent just a phase
  31. its having a little bit more motivation to do anything than you had in high school
  32. its hating tailgaters because they have no consideration for the environment and just leave piles of their trash all over your campus
  33. its finding out that maybe you actually like showering in the morning better than at night
  34. its being thankful that its no longer hot outside so now it doesnt matter that theres no a/c
  35. its keeping plants that are actually doing well for once
  36. its making plans with your new friends
  37. its finally having time to watch tv shows
  38. its not spending as much time on your phone as you did at home
  39. but also spending too much time doing nothing
  40. its going through almost the entire jar of peanut butter in almost 2 months
  41. its worrying
  42. its being surrounded by pretty people and things
  43. its living by a stinky river
  44. its getting the msu fight song stuck in your head sometimes
  45. its exploring the gardens (during the day and night– scary)
  46. its convincing your best friends to go through with something that’s not a good idea
  47. its cleaning up vomit from the floor
  48. and holding back hair while your best friend pukes on your favorite scrunchie that accidentally fell in the trash can
  49. its wearing sweatpants all day
  50. its sharing your tiny bed with your best friend
  51. its not going to class all day
  52. its learning to believe in/love yourself
  53. its walking to the student union in the dark just to get cider and vernors
  54. its staying up too late on a school night
  55. its not ever getting enough sleep

xx maddie

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