Look Inside My Journal | 10.8-10.12.18


The other week I decided to make my journal entries a little more creative than they usually are. I really like how art journals look, but my journals usually just include more writing than doodles. So I’d like to encourporate more of this style into what I already have.

I included song lyrics from a couple songs by one of my favorite bands and some quotes that I thought sounded nice, so I think if I use things like that, it’ll be easier to include more color and creativity in my notebooks.

I don’t totally love all of the pages I made, but I’m really happy with how most of them turned out! My favorites are the first one I made, with the newspaper clips all over the page, and the one with the big leaf that says “IT’S FINALLY FALL.” Newspaper clips just make anything look really cool!

I’d like to make more posts about journaling on my blog, both writing entries and artwork entries, so you’ll definitely see more of these posts in the future!

Thanks for reading!

xx Maddie


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