how to be pretty


be yourself

be happy

be sad

be dramatic

be anything

wear your favorite shirt

dont wear anything


make funny faces at people

put black coal around your eyes

wear rosy blush

yank your “real eyebrows out of your head, one by one, until you’re bald, Jerry (Seinfeld). Bald above the eyes! And then paint in eyebrows.”

watch seinfeld because its amazing and then youll feel amazing too

ACTUALLY go outside ALL THE TIME and get A TON of exercise because i used to have really bad cystic acne and then i went to college and hardly spent any time inside and now even my acne SCARS are disappearing

or maybe move to msu

maybe drink the red cedar river (actually dont that thing is probably toxic)

remember youre a princess (or a prince, we dont discriminate) and being pretty comes with the job description so its gonna happen whether u like it or not

its v attractive to not walk down the street with your eyeballs glued to your phone.

be weird

be Goofy

pretend youre a maiden from the 1600s in ireland who only dances and wears flowers in her hair and marries ramblers

dont call people ugly

make people happy


make music

rock purple hair

get sleep

go to sleep

eat candy corn and vegan cupcakes



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