My First Backpacking Trip | Waterloo-Pinckney Trail


Hello!!! Two weekends ago I went on my first backpacking trip with my dad! I’d been dying to go hiking or camping for months, but we’d been so busy over the summer that we never got the chance to. So I texted my dad during the week to see if he could pick me up from school so we could go hiking. We ended up planning an overnight trip for the Waterloo-Pinckney trail.

what we saw while hiking:

  • bunch of flowers, birds and bugs
  • couple catepillars
  • few frogs
  • a garden snake! (tiny– dad almost stepped on it)
  • lakes, meadows, ravines
  • lots of trees
  • brightly colored fungus
  • horses
  • also 2 deer cross the road during our taxi ride back to our car

why backpacking’s awesome…

  • the astronaut food is actually really good. we had teriaki chicken for dinner the first night and chicken and rice the second day for lunch. i thought i’d not like the chicken and rice but we both thought it was the better one
  • hiking through meadows and on the edge of cliffs is really pretty
  • calm
  • peeing in the open
  • rewarding (we hiked 18 miles!)
  • little streams to get water from (especially when you’re out and and you’re really thirsty)
  • no worries
  • no superficial college kids
  • nice to spend one-on-one time with dad

why it’s not…

  • i was freezing at night (i was wearing 2 long-sleeved shirts, mom’s coat and dad’s, 2 pairs of socks and the sleeping bag… still cold)
  • horse poop
  • hiking in the sand
  • not being able to find water and being thirsty
  • sore
  • peeing in the open… (and outhouses)
  • exhausting
  • dad’s camping coffee just tasted like dirty water… he didn’t like that i insulted his coffee


Thanks for reading!

xo Maddie

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