What I Wore | Real Summer COLLEGE Outfits

Hey all! Last week was my second week at Michigan State, so I thought I’d show you what I wore to classes! We actually didn’t have any classes on Monday because of Labor Day, but I included my outfit anyways and it makes up for the fact that I forgot to take a picture of my outfit on Friday haha.

I didn’t put any extra thought into what I wore this week, I just threw on some of my favorite outfits and took pictures of them, so this is pretty realistic. If you were to see me on campus (probably biking), there’s a good chance I’d be wearing something like this.


What I Wear In COLLEGE | Blondie Loves Braids

What I Wear In COLLEGE | Blondie Loves Braids

TOP: Kohl’s | SHORTS: American Eagle | SANDALS: DSW



On Monday my friend Erica and I brought all the stuff she had picked up from my house while she was home for the holiday back to my dorm. It was kinda super hard because we had to take the bus across campus with a bike, guitar, guitar stand and a bag of smaller things. And then we had to walk from the stop to my dorm, which would’ve taken maybe 10 minutes, but we got lost! Erica didn’t believe me when I told her I knew the right way so we went in a different direction and ended up walking in a circle…. Guitars aren’t really that heavy, but when you’ve been carrying one with the stand for maybe more than 20 minutes, they become a HUGE weight. We eventually found the right way haha.


What I Wear In COLLEGE | Blondie Loves Braids

TOP: American Eagle | SHORTS: Target | SHOES: DSW

What I Wear In COLLEGE | Blondie Loves Braids



Tuesdays I only have one class, but Erica and I did go to dinner together. I got a pulled pork sandwich, which is always really good, and she got chicken. Don’t really remember what else we did, but we were gonna go shopping on Grand River until we ran out of time.

The white shirt I’m wearing with the flower patches on it is one of my favorite shirts, but it’s a little too big on me so it’s SUPER long. I was wearing it untucked of these shorts before the picture and you couldn’t really tell I was wearing any pants lol.

Also: I really like the outfit Erica is wearing in the picture of the two of us. Those shorts are amazing and I want to steal them


What I Wear In COLLEGE | Blondie Loves Braids

TOP: Hollister | SHORTS: Forever 21 | SCRUNCHIE: Claire’s (I think)

I can’t remember for the life of me anything that happened on Wednesday, but I know I had three classes. So I was up at 7:00 for my 8 a.m. and my last class didn’t end until 7:50 p.m., but I got that class switched, so now I don’t have to miss dinner twice a week, which was awful. Why on earth do they schedule classes that late?? And my roommate’s friend has a lab that doesn’t end until 10 p.m.!


What I Wear In COLLEGE | Blondie Loves Braids


TOP: Old Navy | PANTS: Hollister | SHOES: Old Navy

It got really cold at the end of the week, and it’s actually just now starting to get warm again (it’s the next Tuesday as I’m writing this and it’s 78*), but that’s typical Michigan weather…. It actually got down into the 50s! So that’s why I’m wearing flannel pants in a post otherwise filled with shorts haha. I absolutely love these pants though! They’re high-waisted– which is amazing, low-rise pants should be illegal– and cropped, but I’m kinda short, so you can’t really tell except when I sit down :/ I’ve also wanted plaid pants for a while, so I’m happy I found some. The only bummer is that they don’t have back pockets, oh well.


What I Wear In COLLEGE | Blondie Loves Braids

And on Friday my mom came to visit me! I think we spent about four hours together in between my classes. We went shopping and explored this really cool used bookstore near campus. She brought up a few things for me (like a loaf of bread– yayyyyy I can have peanut butter sandwiches in my dorm now!!– a book of sudokus, guitar book, etc) and we also got new bell of my bike (it has a little white bird on it, it’s so cute!). The idea is that now I won’t be in danger of running into people, but the sidewalks are so crowded and because my bike is 50 years old, the brakes are really bad, so it still gets a little close…. But people don’t share the sidewalk at all! They’ll walk right in the middle of the sidewalk or extremely slow like they don’t care if they get hit or not.

It was nice to see my mom for a few hours, but I’m excited to go home this weekend so I can see the rest of the family and my PUPS! They just got haircuts and they look so cute shaved.

Thank you for reading!

xo Maddie

PS: I know the photos aren’t as good as they usually are. The lighting in my dorm isn’t very good and I don’t have my usual photographer aka my mom up here with me. I’m gonna try to contract my friends into taking them for me in the future lol

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