Summer Outfits 2018 | Blue Edition

I was looking in my closet a couple weeks ago to try and find outfits to put together for a new post, and I realized that I have a TON of blue clothes. Practically all my clothes are some shade of blue. So I put together four different ocean-colored looks for y’all, ranging from skirts to shorts. Enjoy!

#1 Jean Skirt and Ruffled Crop Top

Summer Outfits 2018 | Blue Edition // Blondie Loves Braids

Summer Outfits 2018 | Blue Edition // Blondie Loves Braids

TOP: Pacsun | SKIRT: Kohl’s | SWEATER: Target | BRALETTE: Victoria’s Secret | PURSE: DSW | SNEAKERS: DSW

This look is probably my favorite out of the four. It’s made up of one of my favorite shirts and a new jean skirt that has distressed details by the hem and pockets that I really like. And I love the ruffled hem on my blue tank top! I have another top that looks a little like this one and my roommate at freshman orientation was wearing this same top but in a different color (while I was wearing this outfit, minus the sweater), so I think these tops are pretty popular right now. It’s also super comfortable too! And you can’t ever go wrong with a skirt and crop top combo;) Plus, adding a sweater over it is a great way to add detail and warmth for when it gets cool at night.

#2 Striped Summer Shorts

Summer Outfits 2018 | Blue Edition // Blondie Loves Braids

TOP: Forever21 (old) | SHORTS: Forever21 | SANDALS: DSW

This top has been (and probably will be haha) featured in so many of my blog posts, but I just love the lace border on the bottom! I’m actually wearing it right now! And fun fact: these shorts are actually like three sizes too big on me, but I couldn’t find any other ones in the store because they weren’t in the right spot, so I got them anyways. Mostly, they’re okay, but sometimes my phone weighs them down lol. Shorts are such a typical summer staple, so I love the variety the wide stripes and different colors give them. And purple and silver sandals help add a little extra color to make the look more interesting.

#3 Dressy Floral

Summer Outfits 2018 | Blue Edition // Blondie Loves BraidsSummer Outfits 2018 | Blue Edition // Blondie Loves BraidsSummer Outfits 2018 | Blue Edition // Maddie Marie

DRESS: Target | SANDALS: DSW | HEADBAND: Forever21 | BRACELETS: Kohl’s (old) and handmade | RINGS: Target

My favorite part about this dress probably has to be the back! I love the corset tie and I even have another shirt with a back like this one. I also really like the pattern; floral dresses are a must for the summer. Especially when they’re worn with strappy sandals because these look soooo cool! These dresses are nice because they’re not too dressy, so you can wear them for an everyday occasion, but they can be dressed up as well, maybe with some heels or a nice sweater.

#4 Sporty Playsuit

Summer Outfits 2018 | Blue Edition // Blondie Loves BraidsSummer Outfits 2018 | Blue Edition // Blondie Loves Braids

ROMPER: Target | BRALETTE: American Eagle | HAT: Chicago Aquarium | SHOES: Converse | RINGS: Target

I love wearing rompers because they have the convenience of an easy to put together outfit like a dress, but you don’t have to worry about your skirt blowing up in the wind! And they’re super comfortable. Rompers have been pretty popular for a while, but girl, if you don’t have one. You. Need. One. I love the stripes and the colors of this one; plus the tie on the side is a nice detail.

I’ve been really into wearing baseball caps recently, so I paired this outfit with this hat I got on my high school’s band and orchestra trip to Chicago this past spring. And then Converse because who doesn’t love Converse;)

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading and got some end-of-the-summer style inspiration!

xx Maddie

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6 thoughts on “Summer Outfits 2018 | Blue Edition

  1. This is such a good idea! Thinking about my wardrobe, it is a majority of black items oops but I am trying to branch out to more colour. My favourite are the shorts – they are adorable! xx

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