Seeing Harry Styles in Detroit!!

Seeing Harry Styles in Detroit!!

Seeing Harry Styles in Detroit!!

Two Tuesdays ago was the Harry Styles concert– something I’ve been waiting and waiting for since Christmas Day!! I went with my friend Alexandra, and we had been “preping” for the concert for a few weeks in advance– listening to his music, figuring out what to wear and what time to drive down to the arena– when it started to sink in that we were actually going. When I had first got the tickets the day seemed so far off; I guess we did wait for half a year. But the concert was awesome, so I’d say it was worth the wait. Especially because now that it’s over, I want to go back to the wait!

Seeing Harry Styles in Detroit!!

Our seats were behind the stage, but since they were more off to the side, and in the second row, we were really close. The sound quality may not have been the best, but we were both pleasantly surprised with the location. And if you’ve ever seen a video of him performing before, you know that he takes advantage of the whole stage with his “dancing,” so we weren’t just staring at his back the entire show. At one time he even came around and pointed right at us, and the girls sitting by us said that earlier he came by and made a heart with his hands or blew kisses, but I didn’t notice that. Regardless, everyone went crazy at that haha.

Seeing Harry Styles in Detroit!!
Before he came on stage, the arena played music over the speakers, and one of the first songs was Olivia by One Direction and the entire crowd screamed and started singing! It was surprisingly in tune and such a cool moment that I hope I won’t forget.

I think the best parts of the show was when he interacted with the crowd. Whether he was talking to someone in the audience, throwing or spraying water, waving around one of their flags, or reading signs. Those moments were the funniest and got great reactions from the crowd. Like when he announced that someone in the audience was pregnant, and got really excited when he found out it was the “baby’s first show! Alright!” Or when he was talking about the gender of the future baby and said “boy or girl, whatever it decides….” You should’ve heard the screams and cheers the audience gave out at that. It was awesome; everyone loved it!


I also love how inclusive him and his fan base are! Harry Styles spent a good chunk of the time he wasn’t singing preaching to the audience about kindness and treating others fairly. His openness and acceptance sets a great example for his fans and even other people when they see him dancing with pride flags and decorating his guitar with stickers supporting gun control and black lives matter. It’s awesome that he’s helping to encourage and inspire the normalcy of public displays supporting these topics. I knew that lots of fans brought pride flags to his show, and I even found a small one outside the stadium as Alexandra and I were leaving, but I had no idea that fans would hold up so many black lives matter posters. They were only held up for one song (Sign of the Times), but I think that made a larger impact. It was awesome seeing all these teenagers, many younger than I am, supporting minority rights. Seeing the stadium lit up with phone lights and decorated with banners and flags has to be one of my favorite parts of the show.

Seeing Harry Styles in Detroit!!
Also: we spent a solid five minutes debating whether or not we should go up to this boy that weirdly looked a LOT like Harry Styles to ask if we could take a picture with him even though he was eating….

Alexandra and I also like One Direction, so of course some of our favorite songs he performed were their covers (What Makes You Beautiful, Stockholm Syndrome and If I Could Fly). I think my favorite out of those three would probably have to be Stockholm Syndrome because of the “ow!” he did towards the end of the song. I might be crazy (maybe), but I love it when any artist does that in a song. Alexandra also really liked Anna (which I think is fitting because that’s her sister’s name and mayyyybe could cause a bit of bias;)) and Sign of the Times, which is her favorite of his songs. And Kiwi, which he ended with, was amazing too!! I think that may be my favorite and I love he prances around the stage when performing it. Also, at the very end of the song he bent backwards and sprayed water in the air like a fountain, which looked so cool and dramatic!

Seeing Harry Styles in Detroit!!



I find it a little hard to live in the moment, especially during something as exciting and fast-pace as a concert, what with everyone, including sometimes me, being so concerned with documenting the experience so they’re able to remember and look back on it forever. And I think that makes it harder to acknowledge later on that the show is over. Ughhh I wish I could go back to that day and relive the pre-show excitement and hear him sing live again. Although I will admit that I would not like to relive the four hours of sleep I got later that night or the hoarse voice I had later on from singing and screaming so much oops.


Seeing Harry Styles in Detroit!!

MY OUTFIT    Shirt: AMERICAN EAGLE | Skirt: KOHL’S | Purse: DSW | Sandals: DSW


Seeing Harry Styles in Detroit!!
I’ll include a tutorial for how I wore my hair in a future post!

Guys I think I really deserve a round of applause for FINALLY posting this. And don’t worry, I’ve got other posts lined up; I’ll *try* not to be this sporadic.

Thank you for reading!!

xo Maddie

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