3 Grad Party Outfit Ideas

3 Grad Party Outfit Ideas | maddie marie3 Grad Party Outfit Ideas | maddie marie

top: American Eagle | jeans: Hollister | bralette: American Eagle | sandals: DSW | purse: DSW

jeans and crop top

I wore this outfit to one of my best friends’ grad party last weekend. Originally I had planned on wearing the third outfit, but it ended up being in the sixties, so it was a bit too cold for shorts. I probably should’ve brought a sweater too, but I forgot oh well. Some of my friends were joking about how I would have gotten into a lot of trouble if I had worn this shirt to school, especially because it has a halter neck and a bit of a corset back, so it shows off a big portion of my back. It’s funny how even though we’ll never have to deal with school dress codes again in our lives, we still bring them up(: I think these sandals are funny too because it makes it seem like I only have four toes haha but I love the purple and silver bands.

3 Grad Party Outfit Ideas | maddie marie3 Grad Party Outfit Ideas | maddie marie3 Grad Party Outfit Ideas | maddie marie

dress: Alter’d State | heels: DSW

cut-out dress

I really like dresses and shirts with ties and cut-outs like this. I even have one other dress like this that I wore to a grad party earlier this month. They seem to be getting more popular and I think they look really cool. Plus I love the color and pattern of this dress. And what about these heels??? I got them last summer and they are one of my absolute favorite pairs EVER!! They’re soooo pretty and block heels are my fav. I’m not sure I’d wear heels to a grad party just because you’re outside in the grass a lot, but I really like how they look with this dress.

3 Grad Party Outfit Ideas | maddie marie3 Grad Party Outfit Ideas | maddie marie3 Grad Party Outfit Ideas | maddie marie

shorts: American Eagle | sandals: DSW

matching set

I first saw this outfit online and I took screenshots of it so I wouldn’t forget about it the next time I went to the mall lol. Matching sets are super cool especially because your outfit is already all put together! No thinking required, which is the best ever when it comes to getting dressed! And this set is amazing because the shorts have these cute tassels at the waistband and POCKETS. My soft shorts never have pockets so I got super excited when I realized that these did. I think shorts are really nice to wear to a grad party too because I personally think they’re more comfortable than skirts. And because these top and bottoms overlap, it kinda makes the outfit look like a romper which I feel makes it seem a little bit more dressy. I think that this may be what I wear to my grad party, but I haven’t completely decided yet. And I love how it looks like one of my eyebrows is lighter than the other haha

xo Maddie


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