Guess What!! (I Graduated!)

I’ve been trying to get back into blogging since a little before I uploaded my last post and it’s been slow, but hopefully I’ll be able to post a bit regularly soon. It’s mainly because I’m not entirely sure of what to write about, but I’ve just thought of some new ideas…so hopefully they’ll lead to some new posts!

Anyway, I’ll get on to what this post is about. I’m now officially done with high school! Seniors’ last day was the 22nd of May, so as of today (5/30/18), we’ve been out for about a week. And graduation is in two days!! I can’t believe how quickly everything is ending! I know everyone always tells you that, before your freshman year, the next four years of your life will go by extremely fast, but we were just kids when we were told that. Of course we’re not going to take that too seriously. But it’s crazy to think that the next time I walk down the halls of my city’s high school, it won’t be as a student; it’ll probably be for my brother’s track meet or orchestra concert. And it’s crazy to think that the band and orchestra award’s banquet I went to last night with my friends, was the very end of my high school orchestra career. If I play in an orchestra in college (which I plan on doing), it’ll be under a different conductor, with different students in the ensemble, who’ll almost all be older than me, which will be like the beginning of high school all over again!

I’ve had my last dance recital, last school dance, last exams, last yearbook signing, last day, last (and first) banquet, and many more small lasts. It’s all a lot to take in, especially when there’s still a lot going on– planning my graduation party, finishing senior photos, getting ready for college. Luckily I haven’t started crying yet, but I’m pretty sure I will once graduation is over and I have no idea what to do with myself anymore haha.

Fast forward to today, June 5th, and I’ve been graduated from high school for four days. I think it’s one of the strangest things ever that I have a diploma on display in my room. While graduation was long and a little boring and hot, it was super exciting! My friends and I took a lot of pictures together, but I wish it hadn’t been as crazy and busy so I could’ve gotten more with other friends. But now we’re officially done! Peace out high school!!

xo Maddie

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