A Key Concept For Humanity | A Shakespearean Sonnet

A Key Concept For Humanity

May I display a key concept for all

Humanity to note? The world needs to

Observe itself a little better. Doll,

You pay too much attention to see-through

Material that will hardly matter.

All gold and mirr’rs will fade eventu’ly.

These entities only stir up chatter;

Attempting happiness unsuccessf’ly.

Surround yourself instead with leaves and trees;

Listen to your love’s symph’ny of laughter.

Note what was created just for you, please;

Faux creations shouldn’t be sought after.

Let your fingertips grasp ahold of art

That can’t be touched, but only by your heart.

This is a sonnet I wrote last week for my AP Literature class. I’m really surprised with how it turned out; it’s the first sonnet I’ve ever written. There are some parts I’m happier with than others, but I think that goes with any first draft. I actually really liked writing this too.

Let me know what you think in the comments. Happy Hanukkah!

❤ Maddie

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