My Go-To Hairstyles | 3 Hair Tutorials

Happy Tuesday! Here are three of my favorite hairstyles at the moment. They’re all super easy, and don’t take much time at all.

Double Mini Braids


Take small sections of hair from both sides of your head, above your temples. Braid at the back of your head, making sure to position the braid slightly to the left. For the second braid, take sections from behind your temples, picking up hair from under the first braid, but leaving the braid out. Braid this section, positioning it to the right, next to the previous braid.

I think that this style looks really cool, especially for how simple it is. And it does a great job of keeping hair out of your face, which is a plus.



This style is pretty self-explanatory. I left my hair natural in this picture (which is what I do most often because I don’t have time to curl my hair in the morning…) and put the headband in my hair right behind my ears. I’ll either wear it like this or put in on in the front, so that it pulls some hair back from my face.

French Braided Pony


I wear my hair like this to dance a lot. I leave my hair parted and start French braiding below the crown of my head. I’ll tie the braid off at the nape of my neck or continue it down to the end of my hair. This probably takes two or three minutes at the longest and can be down without a mirror, which is always nice.

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