Love, Blondie | New Life Update Series

Some of my favorite posts to read are updates. Where bloggers write about what they’ve been doing lately. So I thought I’d create my own little Life Update Series (though I’m not 100% on the name yet; let me know what you think). Especially because this will continuously give me something to upload, and I’d like to grow my blog as much as possible (20 followers now!!).

November 14, 2017

Dear Reader,

Right now I’m sitting in my seminar (kinda like homeroom) classroom in school. It’s scheduling day for next school year, but since I’m a Senior, we get half an hour to do nothing. What a perfect time to spend blogging!

Speaking of being a Senior, I just got my first college acceptance letter Friday night, and my second yesterday! I was at the mall with my friend Alexandra when my dad texted my mom and I a photo of the envelope of my letter from Loyola Chicago. I didn’t actually open the texts until the very end of our trip, when we were in line buying our stuff, and I showed her and we instantly started freaking out and she gave me a hug. I’m not sure if Loyola is my first choice, but judging by how excited I am (I called my aunt, uncle, grandparents, and texted my cousins, and told all my friends…), I think it might be. And when I got back from ballet last night, my dad told me to open a letter that was laying on the counter. It was from Central Michigan! Even though I highly doubt I’ll be going there, it’s still really exciting receiving the cool-looking envelopes and knowing that you got in.

5:17 pm

I just got an email from Wayne State telling me that I was accepted!! Now all I have left to hear from is State!

5:59 pm

Yayyy!! I just heard from Michigan State! I was accepted!!

Yesterday was my first time tutoring. The student is a sixth grader named Sophie, and she’s really sweet. After we had finished practicing multiplying fractions, she kept asking me a bunch of questions: “Did you go to homecoming?” “Are you going to prom?” “Where are you going to go to school?” “Where did you apply?” “What do you want to do?” “Who’s your best friend?” “Who’s your second best friend?” “Who’s your third best friend?” Before meeting her and her mom at the library, I was very slightly worried that she might be bratty and obstinate, but I don’t think I’ll mind tutoring her every Monday after school. Even if it is in math and I can barely remember how to long divide, let alone with decimals…

In April, my school’s band and orchestra are going on a field trip to Chicago for a weekend. We’ll be shopping on Michigan Ave., seeing the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, going to a clinic to get feedback, among other activities. Alexandra and I will be rooming together and we’re so excited. She hasn’t been to Chicago since she was little and our last day there will be my eighteenth birthday! I can’t think of any better way to spend it. She just told me an hour ago that she signed up today, and since the deadline is tomorrow, I’ve got to go do that. We’ve been talking about it ever since; I told her I’m going to take a bunch of pictures, so I’ll probably write a blog post!

Love, Blondie

Thank you for reading!! Let me know what you think of this new series!

❤ Maddie

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