Double Twisted Braid | Tutorial

Hey guys!! I’ve got another hair tutorial for you this week! This has to be one of my favorites, so I’m super excited to share it.

*Note* I curled my hair before this, but this hairstyle works and looks great on pretty much any hair type. I would suggest adding some texture to your hair first if it’s fine like mine, though (I use the Not Your Mother’s Double Take Dry Finish Texture Spray, and I really like it).

Step 1


Bring two sections of hair from the sides of your face to meet behind your head. Make sure you don’t make these too small because we don’t want the twists to be thin.

Step 2

DSC_0777 (2)

Secure the hair with a small clear elastic, making sure to keep other pieces of hair outside of the two sections from getting caught.

Step 3


Now flip the ponytail up and backwards so that once it has made a complete circle, the hair going into the ponytail is twisted. Repeat this one or two more times.

Step 4


Carefully loosen up the twists by lightly pulling on them while holding on to the elastic band. Rubbing them in between your fingers also helps to add more texture to the hair.

Step 5


Now taking the tail of the twists and some hair from the surrounding area, braid the hair all the way down. Secure with another clear elastic and loosen the braid in the same way that we did the twists.



Here’s the final product! This hairstyle is sooo pretty and I think it can be made to work well for any occasion. I hope you enjoyed it!

PS- When I was beginning this hairstyle, my mirror was on the driveway, and the wind blew it over! I was afraid it cracked, but it didn’t. I moved it onto the grass after that haha.

❤ Maddie


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