First Week of School + What I Wore

Tuesday- The First Day!!


shirt: Target | jeans: American Eagle | shoes: DSW | backpack: Target

I can’t believe we’ve already passed my first day of senior year and his first day of 8th grade!! It seems unreal. So far, I think we’re both pretty excited about our classes this year (Joey has a lot of his friends in his classes, and I’m on the school newspaper and taking some fun electives), even though we were kind of dreading the end of the summer. But I always enjoy getting back into the routine of the school year and seeing the plans my new teachers have for their classes. And I always get excited for assignments and homework. Lol I know, I’m crazy.

For the first day, I usually like wearing something nice, like a dress or a blouse, but this year, I felt like dressing casual and comfy. This shirt is one of the only clothing pieces I bought for back-to-school (which is completely out of the ordinary) and I absolutely love it! It’s sooo soft and my favorite color! And these shoes are amaaazing. I love the color and they’re Dr. Scholl’s, so they are the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever owned! As for my backpack, I got it last year, and while it’s a little beat up (thanks to my dog…), it has the prettiest suede bottom and baby blue front pocket. I absolutely love wearing simple and casual outfits, so I think this may be one of my new favorites.

Hair time! I spent some time the day before figuring out how I should style my hair, and I came across this Amber Fillerup braided style. I know you can’t see it well, so I’ll link her tutorial here. I did change it up a bit; I only braided the side of my head with the most hair. Then I twisted the other side so it would cover the top of my ear and I tied the two sections together with an elastic, removing after I put my hair in a ponytail. I love this style sooo much, so you’ll probably be seeing a lot more of it(;

PS- I can’t believe Joey’s almost taller than me!! I’m not ready for it!



shirt: JC Penney | skirt: Old Navy | shoes: DSW

I couldn’t really decide between jeans and a skirt for the second day, but I  went with this plaid one that I got last year. (I actually wore it on the first day of school last year!) I thought it went well with this “LOVE” shirt and my new favorite shoes! I also added a thin black headband to my natural hair.

I haven’t really been feeling much up to wearing makeup lately, especially with the dry skin I have around my eyes. It’s gotten better within the past few days, but still, makeup can take a long time to put on, and I’d rather spend my mornings doing other things. I may go back and forth between how much I wear, but in these photos, I’m only wearing face primer and a bit of foundation.



shirt: Target | jeans: Old Navy | flats: DSW

Thursday was picture day! But since I’m a Senior, I only got my school ID. I still wanted to wear something nice (even though I wore this big sweatshirt most of the day; the school is freeezing). This shirt is exactly like the purple one in the first picture, and it goes great with my pink jeans and these new ballet flats that I got with my pink slip-ons. I’m not sure which shoes I like better, I love them both!

I also got my haircut this day. Only a few inches off with a slight face frame and long layers. I like it, but I’m not sure if I’d get layers again. I’ve wanted to try them out for a while, but I feel like it made my hair a little thinner, and it makes me want to order extensions right now (I will soon though; I want the added thickness so I can post some cool tutorials;)) But I’m excited to find new ways to style it!



cardigan: Old Navy | shirt: American Eagle | jeans: American Eagle | shoes: DSW

Yayy! It’s Friday!! We had the Raven Rally after school, which is were you can sign up for school clubs, and it’s outside in the courtyard, so I wanted to wear shoes I wouldn’t worry about getting grass stains on. And it was so cold out there, even with this sweater on I had to wear my sweatshirt and my friend’s big blanket scarf! I’d have to say, this outfit and the first one, are probably tied for my favorite at the moment. I feel like they both sum up my style perfectly.

My best friend, Alexandra, runs the Book Club, so I was helping her run the table at the Rally. She brought donuts and cookies, corn hole and prizes. We hung up posters and a board for people to leave book suggestions on. We got so many new people to sign up, and we really think it was because of the corn hole! We’re both so excited to see who shows up to the first meeting, especially Alexandra. You should’ve seen her. She was jumping up and down and yelling and laughing. She says this club is her baby.

❤ Maddie


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