Little Update + Purging My Room

Hey guys!! So I know I said that I’d have my post about touring Loyola and Michigan State up last week, but I’ve been having technical difficulties with editing the videos, so it might take a while longer to get that post up. Fingers crossed that it’ll happen. My family and I are about to leave to go camping with some of my dad’s college friends and their families (blog post??? (; lol), so I thought I’d squeeze out this update real quick before we leave.

Over the weekend I decided that I had too many useless items in my closets and throughout my room, so I decided to take everything, and I do mean EVERYTHING, out and sort through it all. Though, I wasn’t that smart about it; I took everything out at once. You can imagine how chaotic that scene was. I reorganized my hair accessories drawer (which is what started the whole process) and my closets, got rid of old gloves and scarfs and fancy dresses that I haven’t worn in years, and threw out dried up pens and school papers that were pointless to hold on to. I don’t think my room has ever been less cluttered  and organized in… ever! It’s sooo nice. Except now there’s a big box piled high with everything I’m getting rid off.

Thank you all for reading and understanding the lack of a blog post.

❤ Maddie

2 thoughts on “Little Update + Purging My Room

    1. That’s a good idea! I guess I was, in a way, already planning on doing that, with posts about college tours (which I hopefully will be able to upload eventually), but I could definitely broaden my topics if readers would be interested! Thank you sooo much for your feedback!! -Maddie


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