4 easy half-up hairstyles for the summer



I wore this hairstyle on a windy day at Lake Michigan during our camping trip last week. The steps to make this braid are super simple, and it stays in place all day (no matter how windy). Begin by taking a section of hair at your hairline on either side of your part, and divide it in two. Twist both sections toward your face, while wrapping them around each other in the opposite direction. The braid should start to resemble a rope and the more times you twist the sections around each other, the tighter the braid will be. Repeat these steps on the other side and secure behind your head with an elastic.



This braid may look difficult, but it is as easy as a normal braid with an extra step tacked on the end. Just like the first hairstyle, section off some hair from the front of your head on either side of your part, but instead of dividing it in two, divide the hair in three and braid it normally, angling slightly towards the back of your head. Depending on the length of your hair, you will not need to braid all the way down, but when you have finished braiding, grab hold of any one strand and push the other two up. You can adjust the braid by pulling the two strands down a little so that the curves of the “snake” stand out more. Pin in place and repeat on the other side.



This braid is a bit more straightforward, and I thought it was perfect for swimming in the lake because my hair (even the baby ones) stayed out of my face when I went underwater. With this style, start French braids on both sides of your part, but stop French braiding when you reach the crown of your head and finish by braiding normally the rest of the way down. I haven’t done this style in a while, so I think the braids in the picture above turned out a little differently than they usually do. I usually angle the braids back a bit more (not *too* much, just so they follow my hairline a little less), and I think the French braiding ends more at the crown of my head than it does here, like I wrote earlier. Either way you do these braids, they still are a great way to get your hair out of your face.



I think this might be my new favorite hairstyle! I was at a loss for what the fourth half-up-half-down should be, when I thought of a ponytail Kayley Melissa did in this video and thought I’d create a spin-off of her look. I started out this half-up by letting my baby curls around my face out of the ponytail because I knew that they’d stick up if I didn’t, but that step is completely optional. I do think that it helps add to the casual feel of the style though. Brush about half of your hair (I probably use a third for this because my hair is so thin) back into a ponytail and secure with a clear elastic. Tease the hair in the ponytail a little, then tie another elastic about three inches down from the other. Loosen up the bubble by pushing the second elastic up (another way to do this is by holding onto a small underside piece of hair below the elastic and pushing the rest of the hair in the elastic up. This makes the bubble appear much bigger without falling back into place. If you’re still confused on this method, I think that Kayley Melissa explains it much better in her video that I linked above;)). Tease the hair under the elastic a bit so the volume is even throughout the ponytail. And you’re finished!

Thanks for reading!

❤ Maddie


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