3 Summer Outfits + What we did



Top: Forever 21 (old) | Shorts: Old Navy | Shoes: Target | Hat: Kohl’s

On Friday my mom and I walked up to Scrubbers to pick up the pups after their haircuts. We always get them shaved pretty short, and look how cute they are!!! Nice and cool for the summer now(; On the way back home, we passed two utility workers, one of which said that he had a Cocker Spaniel too, and asked if he could pet them. Comet and Kara always get excited whenever they see anyone, whether they’re coming through the front door or on the other side of the street, so they enjoyed the attention they got from the worker. They *love* walks too, and are always pulling us down the sidewalk, so when I broke into a run later, they happily followed behind. Now we just need to get Comet to do that more often; he’s been packin’ on the pounds for a while now haha.

This outfit is one of my favorites for the summertime because of how cool and bright it is. It’s also super patriotic lol. Too bad it’s not July yet(; And I looove those red shorts! They’re the perfect length, the material is awesome (linen), and I don’t think I’ve ever owned a piece of clothing that was this bright of a red (which may or may not be a little weird, but I guess I like darker colors). I paired them with this white cropped top I got in middle school, my favorite baseball cap (peep darker color)– just because it wasn’t bright enough outside for sunnies; I wasn’t trying to dress for the Fourth yet haha– and my favorite sandals.



look who’s standing in a no standing zone lol


Dress: Old Navy (old, but find a similar style here) | Cardigan: Old Navy (old, but similar colors here and here)

This dress saw a full day on Sunday. I wore it because I had originally planned on going to church in the morning with my dad, but then ended up babysitting my neighbors and thought I’d wear it anyway. It’s so soft and comfortable though, so I didn’t mind(; I bought this dress last year back in March (I think) for Easter, and it kind of got lost in my closet, so this was my first time wearing it in a year. I pulled it out a couple days ago and thought I’d wear it because I love the stripes and the fact that it’s linen!! (haha just like the shorts) I grabbed this bright cardigan in case it got a little chilly and I’m glad I did. I think the temperature dropped under 70* later on in the day and the air by the Detroit River was a little cold. But look at the bright color! I don’t own only dark clothes! And for my hair, I thought the milkmaid braids with the tiny flower pins added a nice touch to the dress. Plus, they’re one of my favorite hairstyles.

My brother and I have been bugging my parents to take us to the new Shake Shack in Downtown Detroit ever since we found out about its opening a few months ago. My obsession with their food began last summer when my older cousin took me to the location in NYC, and I had been dying to go back. So when my mom, brother, and I had the opportunity to go to one in Chicago, I made sure that they tried it. With my dad the only one who had not yet hopped on the bandwagon, and my mom and brother obsessing over their burgers too, we knew going to a location finally close by was a must. And they did not disappoint. My dad (and the rest of us) was thoroughly satisfied by the amazing burgers(:

p.s. We saw Cars 3 before eating, and it’s so cute. ❤ Mater and Darrell Cartrip lol

DSC_0035 (2)


Shirt: American Eagle (old) | Shorts: Old Navy | Purse: Spain | Sunglasses: Target (unavailable, but similar style here)

I’ve had the violin I currently play on for three years now, and an upgrade has been looong overdue. So on Wednesday, my mom and I visited the Detroit Violin Company, in Berkley, where I take lessons, to look into getting a new instrument. There were four within our price range, and I eliminated two, so I had the opportunity to “test-drive” the other two at home. One was made in Detroit, in 1901, and the other was made in Germany in 1985. Both sound beautiful, and I’m loving playing them at home for a few days before I decide. (But so far, I think I might be leaning towards the violin made in Detroit:))

I love how fun these shorts are, so I thought a fun hairstyle suited them well. While this style is fairly easy, it took me forever to figure out how I wanted it to look ugh.. But I love how it turned out! (I curled my hair using the method from this tutorial) And I don’t think I’ve worn this shirt since freshman year, but I think it gives off a cool “festival” vibe paired with the shorts, and I really like that. Finished off with a few colorful bracelets from my jewelry box, and my favorite purse that I got in Spain last summer, I think this outfit is perfect for the summertime.

❤ Maddie

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