messy desk (poem)

A dusty pink lamp

A purple rabbit’s foot

A forest green cactus with a prickly pink top in moist soil

An empty Faygo bottle sprouting purple, pink, and blue fabric flowers

Two dogs and a droning plane sounding in the distance

A ribbon of hearts, stretching to the floor

A blue bow, left, forgotten


“Admit one”

Mediterranean Sea shells

A hot air balloon suspended in reproduced paint

Colorful crayons

Purple paint swatches stacked on a purple pad of paper


“Happy Birthday”

Hello Kitty

Spilled dirt, reminding me of my childhood

A shiny blue sequin on the floor

Canadian coins

Tangled headphones

A quiet phone rests on the window sill

The scent of salted caramel

A white notebook grazed with golden feathers


A scrap of satin from the toe of a worn pointe shoe

“Les jumelles jardinent!”

A purple framed bulletin board filled with old artifacts

Under a white shelf

A white window

white desk

messy desk


(by: Maddie Dibley)♥

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