10 Unique Hairstyles

Ponytails, braids and buns are a great way to save time in the morning, however, not all of them are necessarily chic or cute. Below are ten ways to spice up everyday hairstyles.

DSC_1237#1 DUTCH PONYTAIL Part your hair to the side and Dutch braid to the opposite ear. Continue braiding to the bottom and secure. Brush all hair, including the braid, in a ponytail.

DSC_1240.JPG#2 FRENCH BRAID BUN Brush your hair back from your forehead and french braid until the braid is level with your ears. Gather the remaining hair into a ponytail and wrap the tail into a bun. Secure.

DSC_1241.JPG#3 FRENCH SIDE PONY Similar to hairstyle #2, start French braiding on an angle. Secure with an elastic under your opposite ear.

DSC_1243.JPG#4 MILKMAID FISHTAILS Split your hair into two sections and fishtail each side. Loosen and wrap over the top of your head. Secure.

DSC_1246.JPG#5 STACKED BRAIDS Gather your hair to one side of your head. Section off a small area of hair in the front. Fishtail the larger section of hair; loosen. Normally braid the smaller area and pin to the braid underneath; secure.

DSC_1247.JPG#6 HALF-UP WITH BRAIDED BORDER Brush your hair away from your forehead and temporarily put it half-up, leaving two small sections of hair free from above your ears. Braid the sections of hair and join them with the rest of the half-up in an elastic.

DSC_1249.JPG#7 TWISTED PULL-BACK Separate two sections of hair on each side of your part, and twist each one. Loosen and pin at the back of your head. Add a bow or flower if desired.

DSC_1273#8 TRIPLE BRAID HALF-UP Braid two normal three-strand braids on both sides of your part. Loosen and secure behind your head. Add one more braid starting underneath the above braids on either side of your head. Loosen and secure.

DSC_1250.JPG#9 LACE DUTCH HEADBAND Lace Dutch braid along your hair line and behind your ears until the braids can reach to the nape of your neck. Temporarily tie the rest of your hair above your neck so it’s easier to secure both braids with an elastic (I find that this method holds longer, and is more comfortable, than bobby pins) underneath your hair so that it is invisible.

DSC_1254#10 DOUBLE BUNS Part your hair down the middle and divide it in two. Gather each side into a ponytail at the crown of your head and twist into two buns. These do not have to be perfect. The messier the better.

XOXO Maddie Marie

2 thoughts on “10 Unique Hairstyles

    1. Thank you! I love the double buns too! My hair’s pretty thin as well; I think adding some waves or curls help to hold a hairstyle longer. But I know what you mean, my styles tend to fall out a lot…😤

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