Back to School Shopping

Yesterday, my mom took me back-to-school-supplies-shopping (just me, my brother finds it depressing). We bought the necessities: folders, binders, notebooks, pencils, etc. But school supplies can be so plain, boring, and unexciting (maybe that’s why he doesn’t like it… No it’s because he doesn’t want summer to end). So, ever since Freshman year, I have been buying supplies with super plain covers, so that I can decorate them myself, however I please.

First, I started with my folders. I usually just get all white, but this year I decided to try some black ones as well. As you can see, I love this gold Sharpie.

My English folder has pictures from Spain, New York City, and one (right above the h) of my two friends and I at my last dance recital.

Next were the notebooks. I opted for a multi-subject book this year, as carrying around multiple notebooks is extremely annoying, but also saw this small one with a cover that you can color. No DIY needed there!

The cursive on the purple notebook spells out the lyrics of some of my favorite songs from when I was little.

Last was my Spanish binder. I don’t usually use folders for this class because FOR SOME REASON MY SPANISH TEACHER FEELS THE NEED TO GIVE USE AN UNNECESSARY AMOUNT OF COPIES OF THE SAME DANG WORKSHEET WHICH CAUSES EVEN MY BINDERS TO BREAK. Anyway, I thought that it would be a good idea to make a collage for the front cover of pictures from my trip to Spain.DSC_1269.JPG

I love DIYing my things, and really making them my own. And it helps get me excited for back-to-school (*wink* *sigh*).

XOXO Maddie Marie

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