Overnight Twists

I’m always looking for new ways to curl my hair without using any heat, so when I saw this method on Pinterest, I got really excited. These curls are not really traditional, they’re more like tighter waves. Sort of like what you would achieve with a curling iron.

Start with wet hair (Mine will not be wet in these photos. You could probably do this on dry hair, but I’m not sure how well it would stay in place overnight.), parted, and divided into two equal sections.DSC_1227.JPG

Begin twisting a small area of hair next to your part, and add more as you continue down your hairline.

DSC_1228.JPGDSC_1229.JPGKeep twisting until you reach the end of you hair.

DSC_1233.JPGContinue this on the other side.

DSC_1234.JPGSecure both twists in front of you with a hair tie.

DSC_1236.JPGIn the morning, after I take out the elastic, I run my fingers through the twists to separate them. It is important that you do NOT brush the curls out: they will become frizzy and loose their shape. Then I will use some texturizing spray and anti-frizz cream to define the curl. I don’t always use hairspray, not unless I need it, because sometimes it weighs the curls down too much and cause them to fall out.

And here’s the finished product!DSC_1252

XOXO Maddie

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