Twisty Chignons

I got inspiration for this hairstyle from my Overnight Twists tutorial that I uploaded before. Both are almost identical, but this one is a hairstlye that you can actual wear out of the house. I love these buns for a few reasons:

  1. They are quick, easy and simple,
  2. They keep my hair out of my face (you know I love that;)),
  3. And they can be dressed up or down

To begin the bun tutorial, part your hair and divide it in half.DSC_1220

Take a small group of hair close to your part and start twisting.DSC_1221.JPG

As you twist down the side of your head, add in more hair, and once you’ve run out, continue twisting to the bottom.DSC_1222DSC_1223

Wrap the twist into a bun towards, but not directly in, the center of the back of your head, at the nape of your neck. Pin with bobby pins until stable and repeat on the other side.DSC_1225.JPG

And there you have your Twisty Chignons!!

XOXO Madelyn Marie

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