I Have An Excessive Amount Of Sewing Projects That I Don’t Feel Like Starting

I think going to Mood might have made it worse. But I only added two more to the pile, so maybe not.

My Sewing Projects That I Have Yet To Start Or Complete:

  1. Sweatshirt and matching slippers
  2. Halter sundress
  3. Dottie Heart Frock
  4. Dottie Heart Skirt
  5. Bow shirt
  6. Floral skirt
  7. Floral dress

I had hoped, earlier, that maybe I could get one finished before school started. While that may very well still be a possibility, I highly doubt it. I tend to procrastinate my sewing A TON (even more than homework), even though I do enjoy it. It’s just so difficult to sit there, while your back hurts and your feet swell up from not moving for hours, ripping out seams from a skirt that the more you work on, and watch come to life, you JUST KNOW you’re not going to wear. I don’t know any feeling in the world that is more obnoxious than that one. Maybe writing this will help motive my to start sewing tomorrow. And maybe I will FINALLY finish #3 for the first week of school!

XOXO Maddie Marie

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