Double-Dutch Braid

This braid is one of my new favorite ways to wear my hair. I love any hairstyle that keeps my hair out of my face (one of my biggest pet peeves!) and this braid does just that. While I was Up North this past weekend, I put my hair in this Double-Dutch Braid after I got out of the lake to go out to lunch for my grandparent’s wedding anniversary; it works great with wet hair. It’s fairly easy and simple to create, too.

First, part your hair to either side (I prefer the left) and divide the hair into two even sections by dragging your finger on a diagonal from the end of your part line to the opposite side of your neck from the part (so for me it would be under my right ear). Set one the sections aside.DSC_1213

To begin the braid, grab a small section of hair at the front of your part and begin to Dutch braid. If you don’t know how to Dutch braid, it is kind of like an inside-out French braid, except you’re not crossing the strands over each other. As you lengthen the braid, add small amounts hair to the outer sections before crossing them under the middle. Continue Dutch braiding until you run out of hair/meet the bottom of your ear.DSC_1215.JPG

Optional: to make the braid bigger, softer and messier, pull out each stitch just a little. Secure temporarily with an elastic and repeat the same process on the other side.DSC_1217.JPG

Once you have both of your Dutch braids, release the elastic on the first braid. If you wanted to, you could secure both ends of the two combined braids with a hair tie, and leave the rest in a ponytail, but if you would prefer the full braided look, I will continue explaining the process. To combine the six sections into three, separate the two outer strands of both of the braids from the inner strand, and combine the inner strands from both of the braids together.DSC_1218

Now that you have three strands again, continue braiding until you run out of hair. Secure with an elastic.DSC_1228

And you’re done!

XOXO Madelyn

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