New York City

Two weeks ago, my aunt took me to New York City for my birthday. While we were there, staying in my cousin’s apartment that has no air conditioning, the city experienced one of the worst heat waves it’s ever had. The heat got to be so unbearable that we ended up staying in a hotel the last night! Despite the heat, we were able to get some sightseeing done.

Our second night in the city, we went to see Matilda on Broadway (the other half to my birthday present). I had never seen a Broadway show before, and only a handful of plays/musicals, so I was excited to see the performance of one of my favorite stories. The singing and acting was amazing; and Miss Trunchbull was hilarious (fun fact: the character was actual played by a male instead of a female, like in the movie). I would say that it was definitely worth standing out in the hot sun for an hour to get the tickets.IMG_5026

I think I was most excited to be able to see my cousin in NYC more than anything else. She only comes to visit once or twice a year, so I was happy to spend the Saturday that we were there with her. Because my aunt (her mom) was spending the day at a sewing-expo-convention-thing-I-actually-don’t-really-know-what-it-was, my cousin was able to give me a small tour of New York City. We took the Staten Island ferry to see the Statue of Liberty, walked around Battery and Central Parks, went to the Natural History Museum, and finally walked like twenty blocks to meet her mom in Bryant Park. It was a tiring and hot day, but we got to eat at Shake Shack for lunch (which I am really craving right now) and this good Middle Eastern food truck for dinner in the park, but besides that, it was a fun day.

Our last full day in NYC was spent at the Met and walking around Manhattan. At the Met we saw the fashion exhibit before it closed and got to go inside the big Egyptian temple. The dresses in the exhibit were very extravagant. Many unconventional materials and ideas were used in the process of creating the pieces. There was a pop-up dress that condensed to become almost flat, three dresses that laid out as perfect circles or squares, and dresses that looked like something a vulture queen would wear (that is, if vultures wore gowns).

Outside of the Met, we saw the Empire State Building and went inside, but did not go up in it (it’s like $40!!). My little brother wanted me to ask the doorman for the 600th floor (from Percy Jackson), but I think we were in the tourist lobby and not the building’s actual lobby, so I wasn’t able to. The other building we visited was just a couple of blocks away from the Empire State Building. Before visiting NYC, we stopped in Saugerties to visit our cousins (my aunt does this every time she drives to New York, and she especially wanted to stop by this time because I hadn’t seen them in ten years), and our cousin told us to visit the building that he managed construction on in the City. It now houses a home design company, I think, and I’m pretty sure that it was on 34th street. It was cool to see what he helped create.IMG_5158

Between dancing on 42nd street, riding the subway at 1 a.m., touring museums, visiting family, driving through New York City traffic, and shopping in the Garment District, I believe that this vacation was a much better 16th birthday present than a car ever could have been.

XOXO Maddie Marie

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