The Wonders of Vinegar and Water

I remember in Middle School I was cleaning something while a friend was over, and I asked my parents where the vinegar and water was. She had wondered why, why not use an actual cleaner? So my dad proceeded to explain to her all the wonders of vinegar and water.

I was reminded of this just as I was cleaning the bowls in my parrot’s cage a couple of minutes ago. Naturally, I was using vinegar and water. My whole life I’ve seen my parents use this natural cleaner, so I thought everyone used it as well. Maybe it was just because she was 12 that she hadn’t heard of it, or maybe it was the case that many others don’t know about it either. I’m going to say the latter is true and educate anyone who happens to read this blog about cleaning with vinegar and water.

  1. If you fill a spray bottle with about 3/4 water and the rest vinegar, it works just as well as anything else.
  2. It is cheaper
  3. It smells better
  4. It is natural. No chemicals

And if those four reasons don’t convince you, Crackers (my parrot) poops a ton! So every once in awhile, my dad impels me to help him drag the giant cage out to the backyard so he can hose it off. He gets the entire thing spotless, using only vinegar and water.

But it’s not just used for cleaning bird cages, though it does an exceptional job at that. Vinegar and water can also be used to:

  1. Wash windows
  2. Wash floors (especially hardwood, because it doesn’t leave a residue like soap can)
  3. Clean up sticky substances
  4. Clean stone and counter tops
  5. Clean a bike frame and rims
  6. Clean electronics
  7. Wash wood furniture, and
  8. Vinegar is also useful to get that mildew smell out of anything you leave in the washer for too long (like maybe towels for two days, mother?)

I hope this article about the Wonder Cleaner, written by a 16-year-old who doesn’t know very much about cleaning, was helpful. And that maybe you’ll make the switch from name brand to natural.

XOXO Madelyn

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