My Spanish Experience Part 3

When in Spain you… Taste new foods. Meet new people. Hear different languages. And discover different places.

Traveling to Spain was an opportunity I defiantly do not regret choosing. As well as seeing beautiful cities and learning about a different culture, I made quite a few friends on our Spanish tour. My roommates consisted of Katrina, Corrie, Irene, and Solina (I actually don’t know how to spell her name), but not all at the same time. We had fun goofing around at night, meeting each other’s friends and families over FaceTime, and talking about our favorite sights that we had seen. During the day our group would increase by approximately five more girls: Aubrey, Misa, Sabina, Julia, and Marissa. We would eat meals, tour museums, and talk on the bus together.

The friendships I made during my eight days over seas will not be forgotten, even though they live on the other side of the country.

XOXO Maddie

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