My Spanish Experience

When in Spain you… Taste new foods. Meet new people. Hear different languages. And discover different places.

Paella and churros were the most delicious dishes I ate. I met, and made friends with, the other students on our tour from San Diego, California. My brain worked harder than it has ever had to in the US to understand what the locals and street vendors would say to me. And I saw many beautiful views and buildings.

While I loved seeing the Palace of Madrid, the cathedrals and mosques, and the Don Quixote windmills, I think my favorite sight was seeing the beauty and history in even the most insignificant parts of cities like Madrid, Toledo, and Seville. The architecture on even the apartments all around these cities looked like it could belong on a palace. It was a dream of my friends and I to stand on one of those beautiful balconies to observe the city, and in one of our last hotels, we were able to! No matter how beautiful our monuments are, even the US’s oldest cities will never be able to hold a candle to Spain’s.

XOXO Maddie Marie

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